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about United Travel Advocacy

United Travel Advocacy was founded to prevent timeshare corporations from taking advantage of honest, hard working Americans. We know firsthand the darker side of the timeshare industry and we’re committed to freeing our clients from these unscrupulous corporate business practices. In response to the ever-growing number of legal complaints and negative stories about timeshare companies, another industry was formed and has since prospered: resale companies. While these businesses claimed to help people get back their hard earned investments and release customers from the ever piling maintenance fees, they only served to cause further financial loss and more headaches.

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what is timeshare relief management?

Fortunately, there are alternate timeshare solutions that will assist holders in getting rid of their timeshare. Timeshare termination is a risk-free way for owners to put an end to mortgage and maintenance fees. Termination is perfectly legal because often during the initial sales process, there are fraudulent practices that occur. Sometimes a prospective buyer is told that a timeshare is an investment that will increase over time.  Other times, potential purchasers are lured by the false guarantee that when they book their time at their timeshare, they will be given precedence over non-timeshare owners. There are numerous other ways in which timeshare sellers coerce buyers into making what seems like a dream purchase. Because of this, timeshare termination is becoming the preferred method for relieving owners of their unwanted holdings. United Travel Advocacy can help you evaluate if your situation is eligible for timeshare termination and can guide you through the process.

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what United Travel Advocacy can do for you

Each situation is unique; and yet, there are similarities to every story.  Did your closing process feel rushed?  Were you promised that your timeshare would gain significant value but the market hasn’t moved?  Were you told that owning a timeshare would provide tax benefits?  Share the particulars of your experience with us and you will be under no obligation to engage our services. However, you will learn your options and gain confidence that we can help you terminate your timeshare agreement, should you so choose.  It’s quick. It’s easy.

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What some of our clients have to say

Everyone said it was impossible, then we tried United Travel Advocacy

When we went to the meeting here in Fort Worth, I really had my doubts about this claim to help us terminate our Timeshare Ownership situation. Everyone we had talked to said it was impossible. I really thought all those people there were probably props, do I have a suspicious mind?? Actually we had a very good experience with the service and the people that explained it all to us, my husband has Alzheimer’s, and it’s really hard for me to understand a lot of things and know just what is the right thing to do. But I really needed to get out of this timeshare, as you know the monthly Membership Dues continue to go up each year. And, when we or any of our children called to use the Timeshare, we could never get in, it was frustrating for all of us.It really took us a little longer to get all the paperwork done, because the Deed of Trust Had not been sent to County Court House by the Timeshare office when we purchased it.You all were very patient with us sent the paperwork we needed and talked to us on the phone about all of it, and got us thru the whole thing. I don’t remember any of the names of the people that were so helpful, but thanks to all of you. It took us a while, but believe me it was well worth it all.Thanks again for everything

Annette P.

United Travel Advocacy relieved us of our timeshare in less than six months

To Timeshare Owners Needing Help, As with many other timeshare owners who bought and used their timeshares years ago, we’ve aged and we no longer wanted to have the responsibilities of cost and ownership, primarily because of increasing difficulty each year to find suitable accommodations via timeshare exchange. Also, our timeshare nice as it was, seemed impossible to sell or even give away. We considered passing the ownership to our children, but they declined, seeing it as an unwanted obligation and costs far into the future.The entire timeshare industry was changing before our very eyes. Owning our timeshare was now a burden, With so many timeshare owners trying g to sell their timeshares we know it would  be difficult to dispose of our timeshare.Fortunately,  United Travel Advocacy contacted us to attend a meeting to explain their services. Not only did they understand the problem as we saw it, they provided us the opportunity to terminated ownership. United Travel Advocacy provided an affordable, easy, step-by-step process to terminate our ownership in a proficient way. When we had questions along the way, United Travel Advocacy was always reachable by telephone and had the answers.The result? United Travel Advocacy relieved us of our timeshare in less than six months’ elapsed time! Bottom-line, we no longer have to worry about paying maintenance costs, trying to find suitable (or often any) accommodations via exchange or figuring out how to dispose of what seemed to be a never-ending obligation.Our kudos to United Travel Advocacy and its staff.

Jerome G.

Thank you for relieving us of this burden. I would recommend your agency to anyone!!

Can I have a minute of your time? Would you like free tickets to your choice of area attractions? All you have to do is sit through a 45 minute presentation. Yeah, right! Those 45 minutes lasted a half day of my vacation and we walked away with free tickets to the aquarium and a timeshare. Oh wait, there is nothing like a timshare… Stay when you want, no hassles, and you can get rid of it whenever you want, there is always someone wanting to buy. That was us in 2003 when we became owners of a timeshare. Couldn’t stay when we wanted, couldn’t sell it and the maintenance fees went up every year. So many phone calls from prospective “buyers” of timeshares just send us money and we will sell your timeshare for you. So we sent money and they did nothin. I was really skeptical of  United Travel Advocacy. My husband had scheduled an appointment with them in Paducah, KY almost 3 hours from home. We had actually been satisfied with our timeshare, but were getting tired of going to the same place and didn’t want to pay the extra money to go to another resort. It was time for us to tyry to get out of this situation and have more freedom to go where we want and when we want, so we decided to give United Travel Advocacy a chance. The people that handled the meeting were so good to work with and made us all feel at home. They proceeded to tell us how maintenance fees and points would change over the next few years. Also that if we passed away our children would inherit this timeshare and the maintenance fees. Who right there, I’m sure my kids would love it if I left them with a bill they had to pay every year. So we listened to the presenter and then sat down with a representative to discuss our situation. The amount of it was going to cost us to transfer our timeshare to Settlement Services was rather steep for our taste, so we discussed and negotiated a price that was satisfactory to us and them. I couldn’t believe they were so easy to deal with and within a few weeks we were finally out of our timeshare. I just want to say thank you to United Travel Advocacy, you have given us the freedom to take back our vacation time and be able to spend it wherever we want. Our maintenqance fees that we were paying will now be used to pay for a very nice vacation, when we want to go and where we want to go. United Travel Advocacy consist of some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and care so much for the consumer who has been taken in by the smooth talking people selling these timeshares. No pressure, and No  hassle from anyone at. Again, thank you for relieving us of this burden.I would recommend your agency to anyone!!

Aaron W.

I would give 10/10 recommend this company if you’re struggling to get out of your contract

I attended the seminar last year with my dad to help him get rid of his timeshare that my late mother had talked him into getting. The team at United Travel Advocacy made you feel like it was a real possibility as long as we gave them our time and put our trust in them because it would take time. When we got the letter not long ago that we had been let go from our timeshare it was a relief for my dad. Money well spent. I would 10/10 recommend this company if you’re struggling to get out of your contract

Micky H.
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